Monday, June 2, 2008


The story begins in my college. The first day I saw Shamaila (my dream girl), in the college office with her mother. I was really impressed by her; frankly speaking I was impressed by her sexy figure. She was 34-27-34. The next day she was in the class, well after building a lot of courage I went to her & asked about her. Well, the days pass & with the passage of time we were good friends. We went on dates; we talked on phones for long etc, like everybody does. We were really good friends, and whenever we meet we just kissed, like friends do. One day I called her that I wanted to meet her, so she agreed cause it wasn't the first time. I picked her at 6pm, from her house. In the way I told her that we are going to my friends house who has gone outstation & his keys are with me. We reached the house and went inside. We talked for a while and then I suddenly saw an C D lying over the TV. So I asked Shamaila whether she want to see it or not. She replied " what is in it ". I said I don't know. So we played it. It started and after this we both were silent cause it was an X-rated movie. We watched it together for few minutes; I then felt a hand on my legs, I didn't saw any thing. Shamaila tuned the TV off & started to move her hands on my chest & legs. In few moments, my cock was hardened and I was putting my hands on her beautiful breast. Then we kissed and I touched her breasts inside the Kamiz & then inside her black bra. We were very much involved, I took her Kamiz and bra of, while I was doing this, her hands found the way to my dick through my pants. Her tits were excellent & her nipples were very hard, she unbuttoned my pants and started to play with my 7" dick. I pulled of my underwear and she started to give me blowjob. She licked and sucked my dick very hard. After this I pulled her up and started to suck her tits. I put my hands in her Shalwar and started fingering her in her vagina. Then she pushed her Shalwar down. It was really a sight to watch. Her vagina was red and was feeling really hot and wet. I asked her that "are you virgin" she replied "yes, still but……" she just stopped, so I understood what she wanted. I started licking her virgin cunt, I was eating her pussy and she was really enjoying tongue fucking. At that time I can hear her voice "Ummm.. Ummmm…". She was loving it. She started to cum. but I never stopped I tasted her pussy juice & it was good. I then asked her "KYA MA TUMHARI LA LOON" she said " CHOOT PHAT GE TO ZIADA DARD TO NAHIN HO GI" well I know she was a virgin but I told her that she will not fell it and I said "MA TUMHARI CHOOT MAY LUN AHISTA AHISTA DALONGA" then she agreed. She was lying on the floor, she put my dick in her mouth again to lubricate it and then I opened her legs and slowly put my dick on her pussy, with very slow force I started to fuck her. I gave some gentle strokes and she was shouting with pain. After some while when my whole dick was in side her pussy, her juices went out and she started bleeding. She lost her virginity but then I started stroking her fast, first she was shouting with pain but now she was enjoying it. She asked to fuck her stronger and faster she said "OR ZOOR KI OR ZOOR KI OR ZOOR KI LUN DALO MARA CHOOT MA" then she was shouting "yes yes oh! yayaaaaa. So I fucked her and soon I felt that I will cum cause we both were having sex for the first time in our life. I said to her "MERA NIKALNA VALI HA" so she told me to take my dick out of her pussy cause she wanted to cum. me in her mouth. So I did that, I put my LUND in her mouth and she sucked it, I cummed in her mouth "AH AH AHHHHHHH" and she drinked every drop of my cum. from my dick. We again have sex after half an hour and licked her rounded asshole. She told me that it tastes very good. After that we saw the floor, some blood was on the floor, we talked for a while, I asked her " MAZA AAYA" & she told me that "BOHAT MAZA AAYA JAB CHOOT PHATI THE". Then I dressed her and she dressed me. It was 8:30; we clean the blood sign. And after kissing her hardly I dropped her at her house. After that we had sex for many times and I enjoyed fucking her and she also enjoy to be fucked by me. end