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Mum's Visit to the Health Farm
Mum's Visit to the Health Farm
I must admit I was shocked to be told that Mum had written about the time she made a video of me for the first time. I wonder if any of my friends have read it. On reflection, I do not care. I was proud of the video and if Mum and I can get pleasure from each other's bodies that is ok too! Nowadays, we sleep together every night, but only after Mum has given me a good fuck with our strap on dildo. I usually go to sleep with its 9 inches of shiny black plastic buried deep in me. Mum is so good to me, I had been casting around for a special treat for her 40th birthday.
One evening we were in the pub having an early drink, before going home for dinner. We got into conversation with a handsome woman who told us she ran a ladies only health club in a neighbouring town. It sounded just the place for a relaxing weekend so without letting Mum know, I asked Jean, the health club owner for the telephone number. Next day when Mum was out, I rang the number and discussed what the health club could offer Mum. The arrangements sounded so good, I booked us both in for the weekend of Mum's birthday. Mum was delighted when I told her. She thought that it would be just an ordinary healthy weekend with treatments, massages and so on. She was in for quite a shock!
We set out after lunch on the Friday and an hour later saw us checking into a small country house. There seemed to be every luxury and Jean was there herself to welcome us. "Hello Pam and Wendy. I do hope you will enjoy all the facilities we have here." she said. "Normally we let you choose your own therapists for the weekend, but following the telephone call from Wendy, I have made arrangements which I hope you will both approve. I myself will look after Wendy and I have asked my daughter, Penny to be Pam's therapist. She is waiting for us in your room."
Jean took us upstairs to a large sunny bedroom. In the middle of the floor was a king size bed and sitting on the bed was a young girl. She was slim and pretty and her white uniform showed a tiny but cute curvy body. Jean explained that as Penny was only 15 she was not yet a fully trained therapist, but that what she lacked in skill she made up for in enthusiasm. Mum would be her first proper client. I looked at Mum and saw she was totally captivated by the young girl.
Jean told us that during the weekend, she and Penny would be completely dedicated to us, and would look after our every need. She said there was one rule we should get used to right away, "We insist on total nudity at all times.
There are only a few clients and they are all chosen for their beauty, so you will not mind, will you?" Mum and I laughed. In no way did we mind! Mum asked "And the therapists? Are they naked as well?" "Of course," said Jean, "in fact I think we all should disrobe now."
Jean motioned to us to sit down on the bed and she sat down too. Penny stood up and gave Mum a ravishing smile. "Pam, would you be so kind as to help me take off my overall?" she said and stood before Mum. Mum's eyes were sparkling as she reached up to the buttons running down the front of the overall. She undid each in turn to reveal a sweet young girl's body, slim and taut. I know that Mum adores young girls and could see her excitement as she stripped the girl in front of her mother. When Penny was naked, Jean signaled to her to turnaround so that Mum could see all of the body that was totally hers for the weekend.
"Pam, please feel free to caress Penny as much as you like. I want you to enjoy her to the maximum as she is still virgin and needs to be well taught in the ways of lesbian love. " Mum took the childish body in her arms and held it in a tight hug. "Jean, she is adorable, I will give her so much sex this weekend, she will be well satisfied." "Now Penny, please undress your client," said Jean "I am sure she would like to have her first fuck with you right away."
I was proud to see her mature body as Penny undressed Mum. The big firm breasts the long legs that I knew so well. I knew that Penny was in for an exciting weekend as I knew what Mum could do to a young girl at her mercy. But, what sort of weekend was I in for?
"Wendy, dear, come here," said Jean " Pam and Penny are getting to know each other," and she pointed to her right. I saw that Mum was sitting on the bed with Penny on her knee. They were kissing deeply and I knew better than anyone just how deep in the mouth Mum could put her tongue. Penny's arms were round Mum's neck and my mother was grasping the young girl's pubescent breasts. I went and stood in front of Jean so that she could undo my blouse and skirt. Jean skillfully stripped me naked and held me at arms length so she could inspect my body. It seemed to please her as she turned to Mum, "Pam, your daughter has a delicious body. I am really going to enjoy looking after her this weekend."
I saw Mum turn to Jean and whisper something to her. Then the two mothers took hold of their two daughters and laid them side-by-side on the bed. I took hold of Penny's hand and felt her respond by gripping mine. Mum said "Lets have them now, Jean, if you don't mind I'll fuck the brains out of your little Penny while you do my Wendy."
"Let's go," said Jean, "I have a plan for later on which everyone will enjoy."
I felt strong hands grasp my ankles and spread my legs wide. I knew Mum was doing the same to Penny and then the two mothers knelt side by side and dipped their mouths to feast on our young cunts. Jean delved her tongue deep into me, she was only the second person to eat me and I was delighted to find her mouth as skillful as Mum's. I felt my climax beginning to build as she swept her tongue up and down my pussy lips and her fingers were milking my clitoris at the same time. I could feel Penny's grip tighten as Mum worked the cute body of my new friend.
As the orgasm began, I turned my face to the side and finding Penny had done the same kissed the lovely mouth in front of me. We mashed our mouths together while the experienced women tongued and licked our cunts into frenzy. Penny's saliva flowed into my mouth for several minutes as the sensations swept through her immature body. As the sensations abated I relaxed and opened my eyes to see the two women grinning, their lower faces covered in our girl-juice.
Later after we had been bathed by our mothers, we all went downstairs to the main lounge to meet the other clients and therapists. There were four women there, all in their twenties and ravishingly attractive. I immediately recognised two of the members of a popular girl band. Jean told me that the other two were sisters, who came here regularly as they could be true to their sexuality here away from their husbands. The therapists were all beautiful and mainly quite young, although Penny was easily the youngest.
Jean whispered to me that she had personally chosen the therapists for their beauty and she tried to have a range of body types so each client would be able to choose a therapist to match her ideal fantasy lover. She told me that some clients came often to try all the therapists. I noticed that each therapist stayed close to her client sometimes holding her hand, sometimes sitting on her knee. One of the sisters was slowly dancing with her busty young therapist their mouths locked in a passionate kiss.
Jean suddenly clapped her hands, for attention. "Ladies may I introduce two new clients, Pam and her adorable daughter Wendy. You all know Penny, my own daughter who is just starting her career as a therapist. I hope to be able to provide an entertainment after dinner in the Cabaret Room. So let's all go together to eat the delicious meal the kitchen staff have provided for us."
Taking me by the hand she led the way into an elegant dining room with one large table laid for a party dinner. Each client had their therapist beside them to serve them and keep them entertained. Jean of course sat beside me, and said "Wendy, did you hear what I said about entertainment? Do you think you and Penny could provide it?"
"If you would like me to, of course I will, Jean," I said, "But what is it that you want me to do?"
"Do you trust me, darling?" she asked. On seeing my nod she said, "Then just leave it to me."
I looked up to see Penny smiling at me and realised that mother and daughter had already discussed and agreed what form the cabaret would take. I wondered if Mum knew about it, or was it to be another birthday surprise for her.
The meal proceeded well. The food was delicious and good wine was served. I watched the two sisters playing games with their therapists. They enjoyed placing pieces of food on the girls' breasts and eating off their bodies. The pop stars were delightful, I wondered what their fans would say if they could have seen their idols' bodies exposed for all to see. Their therapists seemed to be obsessed with the famous breasts or maybe the girls had asked them to pay them particular attention. The four lovely tits that so many fans lusted over were for once fully exposed and were seldom without hands feeling and weighing them or mouths keeping the proud nipples erect! The tabloid newspapers would have paid a fortune for just a glimpse of what we were freely given that evening.
At last the coffee had been served and Jean told everyone except Penny and me to go to the cabaret room. She took us to a side room, and told us what she wanted us to do to entertain her guests. In no way did I mind! Then she dressed us in long robes and ushered us into the cabaret room. The room was dark except for an illuminated single bed in the centre of a ring of chairs, which were pulled up close and occupied by the guests. The therapists stood behind their clients leaning over and gently massaging their client's breasts. I saw the two sisters and the pop stars. Imagine me performing for them! Mum was sitting on the edge of her seat, no doubt wondering what delights the night would bring to her daughter.
Penny took my hand and led me to the bed. We stood together on either side holding hands across the whit brightly lit surface. We looked into each other's eyes. Penny gave me a wink. Jean was telling the audience what was to come.
"Wendy and Penny are going to show us some of the delights of lesbianism," she said. "First would someone care to take their robes off so that we can see the fresh young beauty of their bodies?"
I saw the pop stars rise from their seats and approach us. I shivered as I felt the gentle hands of the famous singer on my shoulders. I wondered if her footballer husband was as excited as me to feel the touch of her hands on his flesh. Across the width of the bed, I saw little Penny's cute body being uncovered by the athletic arms of the other pop singer. The audience clapped with delight when we were both totally naked only inches from their eager eyes.
As the applause subsided, Jean spoke, "The first delight of lesbian lovemaking is the kiss. Penny and Wendy will now show us just how deeply and passionately they can enjoy each other's mouths." I smiled at my lovely partner as we knelt up on the bed and let our mouths approach. Penny moistened her lips as she moved her mouth onto mine.
Our lips met and I let my tongue slip deep into her welcoming mouth. I felt her tongue slide over mine to touch the inside of my teeth. She tasted delightful. Her saliva flowed into me and mixed with mine. I put my arms around her tiny body and lay her down on the bed, all the time working her delightful mouth. Suddenly I felt the bed move. It was on a turntable and someone had pressed a switch. As we circled, the audience leant forward so as not to miss one second of our lovemaking. As we passed Mum, I felt her hand on my breast as if to encourage me to enjoy her therapist to the utmost.
We had been kissing for about ten minutes when I heard Jean speak again, "The next stage is to give loving attention to the breasts. Wendy, please relax and let my daughter show you how loving she can be."
After one last lingering kiss, I let my tongue slip from Penny's mouth and lay back on the bed. Penny knelt beside me and gently grasped my breast-flesh. Her hands fondled my breasts, her fingers seeking the ducts deep within. She moved her fingers and thumbs to my nipples, squeezing them and sending erotic messages to my pussy. When my nipples were swollen, Penny dipped her mouth to my right breast and suckled my nipple.
She repeated this on the other breast. I was by now moaning with delight; I was so turned on by this virgin girl. She moved to the other tit and suckled that too. I felt an orgasm building. I have always enjoyed breast action and the climaxes it gives me. As Penny played on my emotions through her mouth, I felt a wave of come starting at my nipples and sweeping down and through my cunt. Penny was adept at controlling the climax, letting it grow until with a howl I felt it course through me. She held me tight until it slowly subsided. The audience was cheering, and I saw the two married lesbians congratulating Mum, who looked so proud of her daughter.
"Well that was wonderful to see," said Jean, "And now let us see if Wendy's oral technique is as good as Penny's. Pussy sucking is the ultimate delight of the loving lesbian."
I realised at once what was expected of me, and I was only too willing to do it. The thought of eating that fifteen-year-old virgin cunt turned me on. I knelt by the side of the bed and gently parted the slender thighs. Her pussy was totally bare, whether because she was so young or because her mother had prepared it that way, I neither knew nor cared. Her cunt-lips were slightly parted but as yet I could not see the pink interior. I moved my hands to her puss, and gently eased the lips apart. I sensed movement behind me and looked up to see that the clients were clustered around behind me so as to get a good look at the virgin's delights as I opened her up. I widened her cunt and the vaginal tube came into our view.
There were beads of juice at the entrance and I realised Penny was as excited as the rest of us to be exposed so blatantly. I heard Mum's voice whispering, "The clit, show us her clit."
I moved two fingers either side of her clitoral hood and drew it sharply upwards. Her clit popped into view to a collective sigh from the audience. I could hold back no more so dipped my head and took her clit in my lips. It was so tiny I could not grip it properly, but I rolled my tongue over it as I felt Penny writhing under me. After teasing the clit I went down to her pussy itself.
Opening her as wide as possible, I lapped at the opening and drank the cunt-juice, which by now was flowing freely. I wanted the darling to have as intense an orgasm as she had given me, so I went slowly at first, bathing her vulva with my flat tongue. Then piling on the pressure, I went for the vagina with deep plunges of my now hard tongue. The juices flowed abundantly and I knew the climax was on her. I fucked her deeply with my tongue and fingered her clit at the same time. I looked up along the slim body and saw she was holding up her breasts. I saw the two singers heads descend, each taking a sweet nipple in their perfect mouths. Penny rocked as the climax took possession of her.
The three of us, working together held her on the plateau for several minutes as spasm after spasm racked the childish body. Gradually she calmed down as we held her tight. Even after such an experience Penny remembered her manners, "Thank you, "she said charmingly.
The clients all applauded and Jean announced that it was time for bed. She took my hand and together with Mum and Penny went upstairs. We all showered together, and then Jean explained the sleeping arrangements. She told us that if we wanted we could sleep alone, but laughed when she saw our disappointed looks.
"On the other hand we can all sleep together in the big bed."
Mum and I eagerly agreed to this arrangement, but Jean had one final surprise for us. "I know what the youngsters need for a good night's rest," she said and took Mum into the bathroom.
Penny and I climbed into bed and waited for our mothers to return. When they did I understood what the surprise was. Each mother was sporting a large strap on dildo. They came to the bed and lay down on their backs, with the false dicks vertical. I watched Penny climb aboard Mum and sink down so that the full length was buried to the hilt up her vagina. I knew Penny was only the second girl Mum had ever fucked so I was thrilled to see how eager she was. I in turn sank down on Jean's dick filling me completely. The two mothers then fucked the daughters side by side. We all went to sleep still plugged!
Next day after a refreshing sleep, we went downstairs, still naked of course, where Jean explained the arrangements for the day. "You will all have certain treatments during the day. There are massages, some of which may be new to you. All our treatments have a sexual emphasis, so I expect everyone to experience many orgasms throughout the day. While specialists will carry out the treatments, your own therapists will always be with you, just ask them if there is anything special you want."
The day passed in a haze of sexual bliss. I lost count of the orgasms that the skilled treatment specialist procured in my body. Each part of me was given its own treatment, skin, mouth, breasts, pussy, and anus. This last involved Jean strapping me into a harness over a basin. She held me tight while a nurse gave my rectum a massage then enemas finishing with a special internal dildo, which swelled and moved deep within me, while Jean and the nurse massaged my clitoris and nipples to a rocketing climax.
The rest of the weekend passed in similar fashion. The two married lesbian sisters gave Saturday's cabaret. They gave a hilarious impression of how their husbands tried to satisfy them, with false moustaches and tiny dildos! The finished up with genuine lovemaking, making the point that women always satisfy their partners.
Sunday's was a show by the singers performing some of their numbers, just like on stage but with one difference -they were totally naked and finished on the revolving bed, in each others arms! Sleeping arrangements were only different in that on Saturday, we daughters slept plugged by our own mothers.
On Monday we said goodbye to everyone and returned home. We intend to make our visits to the health farm a regular part of our sex lives. We are now looking for somewhere special to go for our holidays. We have found an Internet advertisement for women only naturist resort. If we go there, Mum intends to keep a diary!
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