Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Uncle Banging Mom

Hi guys I am Usman umer. I am going to relate a true sex encounter of my mom with my uncle who was very frequent at our house. Narendra uncle was a very good friend of my papa and shared very good rapport with my mom as well. All of them were very friendly. I never noticed any sort of sexual lust in his eyes until the scenes I am going to mention in this true story. Uncle started complaining about his ill health on regular visits to my papa and mom so papa asked Narendra uncle to accompany my mom along with my to our village in Bihar so that my mom also visits her parents and uncle gets a good chance to live in clean environment and improve his health condition. We packed our baggage’s and set off for the journey. On the train I noticed my mom getting very close to uncle and they talked almost all the night I do not know the topic but I saw mom shying sometimes at uncle’s sentences. The night passed like that only after some time I slept. We reached our village at my maternal grandfather’s house where only my grandmother lived in that vast villa whose vision and hearing capability was not good. I started noticing that whenever my mom washed clothes, she bent more than necessary to show her cleavage to Narendra uncle and he would not move from that place for hours glancing at my mom’s breasts. They came very close and at night also I found them chatting very closely and their body touched each other. Every thing was usual when on a special night I saw mom went to bring some water from the verandah when she was followed by Narendra uncle, I do not know why I got interested to spy the consequences and I also followed them. I know they wont see me because at night there is no electricity and almost all the place is dimmed light with the presence of only some lamps. I saw that uncle came close to my mom and grabbed her from the bach to which mom got astonished and tried to force him away from her saying that ‘kya hua? Pagal ho?) (but uncle did not listen to her and grabbed her tightly. Mom said, “chhor do mujhe, agar kisi ne dekd lia to bahut bura hoga” (please leave me if someone sees them I am going to fall in real danger) Uncle replied KOi nahi hain yahan mere aur tere siwai, mummy insisted to leave her but uncle held my mom with his strong hands and said, main tumhe bahut pyaar karta hua razia yakin maano mujhe jalan hoti hain jab mohsin tumhe chhuta hai. Mommy said, array who mere shohar hain. Uncle again interrupted saying, koi bhi ho par tum meri ho and again grabbed my mom with all his power. Hearing his words mom just looked at his eyes and invited his by closing her eyes. Uncle put his lips on the lips of my mom and started kissing and eating like a hungry lion. Mom said, Kya kar rahe ho? In a very low tone and pur her hands on the erected dik of uncle. After some kisses uncle took my mom to other room and made her lie on the bed. I saw mom was smiling at him and uncle onened the buttons of her blouse and seemed to be happy at this. Mom said, aap meri chuchiyon ka kya kijiyega? At this uncle replied bahut dino se sief aadah ahi dekhta hun aaj bahut kuch karunga and started playing with big balloon. Mom asked uncle to lay on his back and climbed on him removing her petticoat. Mom removed the dhoti of uncle and immediately yelled at seeing uncle’s dik and said, aapka lund to bahut bara aur mota hai. Mujhe pata hota to main kabhi ka chudwaa chuki hoti. Uncle asked mom, kya tumhe kabhi chudwaane ki khaahish hui? Upon hearing this question mom shook her head in affimation and said, main to kab se chudwaane ko aapse betab hun par darr lagta thha. Mom put her boobs on the mouth of uncle and uncle started drinking the milk and saud razi atumhaari chuchi bahut achhi hai. Mom said kyun bhabhi pilaati nahi? Uncle said haan par bahut chhoti hai. Mummy asked uncle, kya aap mujhe abhi chodiyega? Uncle shook his head and said aaj main teri choot me aag laga deta hun? Mom said, to ja;di laga dijiyena. They had a session of about three hours of sex and uncle played with almost all parts of my moms body. After that night I say mom having sex with him in the day time also. We stayed at the village for three months and during those months mom became my uncle’s wife and had sex almost daily and mom seemed forgot my papa.